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Gary Bolnick

President & CEO

Command's Commitment to Quality

Command is committed to providing expertise including diverse compliance challenges, data management and production of materials and their delivery. Healthcare communications, our core business involves sensitive data and requires careful management and execution. Command has successfully evolved and integrated new technology as our client’s needs have changed. Today, our primary focus is handling printed materials and communications, while also providing effective solutions to new challenges.

Our History

In 1961, my grandfather Al Bolnick started a letterpress shop on Lafayette Street to serve lower Manhattan companies. At that time period, pressmen were true craftsmen and the ability to set type was a valued skill – today unfortunately, a lost art. The success of Al’s letterpress shop grew due to his natural ability for typesetting, his personal commitment to quality and his responsiveness to every client.  


My father Jerry soon joined my grandfather working side-by-side in our family business. The startup letterpress shop had since grown into an established printing company.  As their client’s needs evolved, it became clear that offset printing was the wave of the future.  So, the business shifted focus to adopt the latest technology, while never forgetting the core principles: “Client First” with a true commitment to quality.


The 70’s was a prominent time for Command. Our family business continued to expand to support the increased demand and special service requests. Clients began requiring continuous forms, ID cards and booklets and every effort was made to satisfy new and existing clients. With new equipment and materials, a now commercial printing company was poised for the future and continued growing through the 80’s


With another solid decade of satisfied clients and growth, more dramatic changes created new challenges in the 90’s. High Speed Offset printing became the industry standard and the world started “going digital”. Unforeseen changes to society were also brought on by the commercialization of the Internet. The World Wide Web ultimately became a threat to many traditional print firms, but not to Command. While stand alone printers fought for market share, Command integrated direct mail to its core line of business services as more clients required warehousing and distribution.  


With the same commitment to quality and the client’s needs, direct mail became an efficient service for many of our existing clients. Command also started capturing new clients, including health insurance providers, which were a perfect fit to the combined services.


By the year 2000, print shops declined nationally. The internet was taking over and business models changed. Command embraced the new technologies and developed systems to assist with data management, online ordering and material distribution. Our new, efficient approach was a perfect match to the needs of our health insurance clients and our reputation spread throughout that market. Opportunities to create proprietary services were fulfilled and we were able to improve response times, while reducing costs by utilizing automation.  At times, we were also able to eliminate the need for certain printed materials. Most importantly, our “Client First” focus allowed us to adapt to meet the communication needs of all of our clients.


Since the healthcare industry required many sensitive needs, a dedicated team grew as more clients requested our expertise. Service needs also increased, so kitting teams were expanded, translators were added and more warehousing space was acquired. With critical deadlines, HIPAA requirements and high quality standards, a decision was made to create Command Direct, a division dedicated to the communication needs of our health insurance clients. The Command Direct team is charged with providing “Client First” service, while developing new solutions to evolving compliancy standards.


Today our goal is continue our “Client first” spirit as a source, as well as a resource to our clients.

Command’s products, technologies and services have been cutting edge since 1961,

but our focus forever remains... Client First – Innovation – Passion/Commitment – Teamwork.

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