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Lab Forms FAQs

Q. What is the average turnaround for forms production?

A. Our average turnaround is usually 12 to 15 days after artwork Approval.

Q. How many Parts can you produce on a single form?

A. For continuous we can produce up to 9 ply's per form, but the typical form has 2-4 ply's

Q. How many parts can have labels?

A. We can put labels on as many parts as you need but typically labels are applied only to the first page.

Q. How many colors can we print on our form?

A. We can print up to 4 colors per side

Q. What is the difference between a blown on (latex label) and an integrated label?

A. a blown on label is a latex label that is adhered to the first page and an integrated label is produced when we die-cut the first page (to your label specifications) and add an adhesive to the back so the carbonless (NCR) becomes the label.

Q. Can we Design your form?

A. Yes we have a professionally staffed design team that will design your forms per your request or we can make some design suggestions.

Q. Can we print on both sides?

A. Yes, We can print on both sides, usually the second side is printed in a screened black so there is minimal show-through,

Q. Do you check for duplicates and barcode quality?

A. Yes, our inline optical cameras will assure no duplicates are being produced and numbered parts match. It also ensures that your barcode will be readable by all scanners.

Q. Can we get samples?

A. Yes, We can send you a sample kit as per your request.


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