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Specimen Collection & Transport Kits


Specimen kit box production can become expensive for a laboratory.  Command Lab Forms offers competitive pricing for specimen collection kits that can be customized to your specific line of lab testing.


Frequently Used Laboratory Specimen Collection & Transport Kits:

  • Biopsy Kits

  • Blood Collection Kits

  • Bone Marrow Kits

  • DNA Collection Kits

  • Cytology Kits

  • FNA Kits

  • Paraffin Block/Slide Kits

  • Prostate Kits

  • Substance Abuse Kits


Services Offered:

  • Reproduce your existing kits

  • Create new kits for your lab or for your new line of testing

  • Exterior and interior printing

  • Design that matches your existing collateral and color scheme

  • Create foam or cardboard inserts to safely secure your contents

  • Ensure enough depth to contain all materials that will be placed in kit (ex. Media, requisition, ice pack, bag, etc.)

  • Provide cost-saving specimen kit design options

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